Paris Food Truck - Ice Cream - Courtesy Time Out

May 25, 2020

Paris Food Truck - Ice Cream  - Courtesy Time Out


This ice cream truck is the real deal (though without the tinny jingle), distributing creative, gourmet ice cream cones that are a little bit different. So if you’ve had enough of the ubiquitous strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and pistachio, this is the truck to hunt down. Choose from strange and delightful flavours like the ‘Highway to Ale’ (flavoured with beer) the ‘Black Sugar Sex Magic’, a sorbet made with dark chocolate, wasabi and ginger, or the ‘Tunnel of Love’ with wood strawberries and Sansho berries. If you’re more about ice lollies, their Skimo came on sale this year: frozen sticks with clever flavours..

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